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Sports Nutrition News

Sunday, July 2, 2023
Considerations For Soy Protein: Potential Drawbacks And Limitations
Hazards Of Glucose Consumption With Creatine

Glucose has been long used in conjugation with creatine to boost creatine uptake, but is it necessary at all? There are plenty of creatine supplements available in the market as...

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Grass-Fed Whey Leads Groundbreaking Protein Innovation

Grass-fed whey protein has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation in the world of protein supplementation. Taking center stage among fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, this premium form of whey protein...

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Your Pre-Workout is incomplete without L-Citrulline And L-Arginine. Why?

Among the various ingredients found in pre-workouts, nitric oxide boosters, specifically L-citrulline and L-arginine, have emerged as essential components with the highest pre-workout benefits. When it comes to formulating a...

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Workout & Nutrition Blogs

A deep dive into the science of fitness, debunking ingredients, and hacks and tips to optimise your workout!

BCAA – The Ultimate Muscle gainer you should be ON!

If you are a fitness freak looking for muscle building, chances are you must be using BCAAs or at least heard about BCAAs. They are the building blocks of muscles...

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Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Now that the title has attracted the attention, let’s face the harsh truth of the century! It’s been always said that the testosterone levels peak at the age of 20...

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Intermittent Fasting-The most powerful tool for Weight Loss & Muscle Building

Hunger serves a clear purpose: it signals our need to consume food to sustain our bodies. However, in a world where food is readily available and mealtimes are often dictated...

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India's 1st Truly Science-backed Performance Nutrition Brand

The Neulife line of products is meant to make humans perform like, well humans.
Our products are designed to optimize the 3 pillars on which, human performance rests:

  • Metabolic health involves weight management, energy systems and immunity.
  • Cognitive health involves mind, memory and acuity.
  • Muscular health involves strength, agility and body composition.

We support your Goals in all of the above disciplines with a premium full-stack portfolio, which spans top quality Proteins, advanced Sports nutrition, cutting-edge Wellness formulas and metabolic friendly Ketogenic products.
A full range of products to support your active and busy lifestyle.
Protein to power you.
WheyPlus+®combines Whey Protein with Probiotics and a customized enzyme complex (Proteozyme ® 2X) to eliminate the disadvantages of regular whey supplements. The protein sources in WHEYPLUS+ are selectively combined from Ultrafiltered Whey Protein WHEYPLUS+® are heat stable so they retain their potency throughout the product shelf life & are not destroyed by the stomach before reaching the gut.
Together, Whey Protein, Probiotics & Proteozyme® 2X work synergistically to give you a highly digestible, healthy and delicious protein shake which is ideal for everyday use by people of all ages.
KETOWHEY-100% Whey isolate+ MCTs
Industry's first MCT fortified protein powder
Ketowhey is a synergistic blend of MCTs, Coconut Oil, and Whey Isolates, strategically crafted to support weight management and facilitate fat burning. Beyond its physical benefits, it also plays a role in enhancing cognition and alertness. What sets it apart is the legendary flavor that has garnered a widespread fan base, making it a popular choice for those seeking both efficacy and a delightful taste experience.

Tailored exclusively for athletes, this specialized protein formulation features a potent blend of Whey Peptides and Whey Isolates. Distinguished by a remarkable 30% increase in Leucine content, it stands out as a high-performance supplement geared towards maximizing muscle building capabilities. Its efficient absorption rate ensures quick nutrient delivery, promoting anabolism and contributing to an optimal environment for muscle growth. With a focus on meeting the specific needs of athletes, this exclusive protein offers a targeted approach to fueling workouts and supporting the demands of intense physical training.
Scientifically designed Sports Nutrition
Industry's first Keto-amino acid pre-workout
Each serving of Neulife’s BETA-LEUCINE delivers a substantial 3g of Beta-alanine, a key component known for its role in enhancing endurance during intra-training sessions. What sets this formula apart is its 100% non-gluconeogenic nature, ensuring that it does not contribute to glucose production. This unique feature makes it a valuable choice for those aiming to maintain a steady energy supply without affecting blood sugar levels. Additionally, the formula promotes both intra-training endurance and anabolism, offering a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking sustained performance and muscle growth during their workout sessions.
 is designed to actively promote protein synthesis and enhance the recovery process. It achieves this through a specialized blend of Leucine and Glutamine, two crucial amino acids known for their roles in muscle building and repair. Notably, the amino acids in this formula are sourced through fermentation, ensuring efficient absorption by the body. This unique approach maximizes the bioavailability of the essential components, allowing for a more effective utilization of these key building blocks in the synthesis of proteins and the facilitation of post-exercise recovery.
Micronutrients- Your Daily Nutritional Insurance
A Gold Standard Multivitamin for Antiaging, Cellular protection, Cardiovascular and Bone health benefits. It has 26 Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants and features natural extracts of Green tea, Beta-Carotene and Lycopene

Unlock the full potential of Omega-3s with this advanced formula, delivering a triple dose in every serving. Each softgel contains an impressive 1050mg of Omega-3s, including 550mg of EPA and 425mg of DHA, providing comprehensive support for optimal health. Sourced from pristine marine origins, this supplement undergoes meticulous molecular distillation to achieve unparalleled purity. The Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids play a crucial role in maintaining optimal cellular functioning, while EPA offers anti-inflammatory support and enhances joint comfort. Simultaneously, DHA supports both heart and brain health. Enjoy the benefits without the inconvenience of a fishy aftertaste, making it a superior choice for those prioritizing potency, purity, and overall well-being.

This maximum-strength natural formula is a game-changer, featuring a potent combination of ingredients for optimal joint support. The secret lies in the High BV Curcumin, strategically formulated in an Omega-3 Lipid Base, ensuring maximal absorption.
Each serving provides a full clinical dose of 95% Curcuminoids, along with the highest strength Boswellia Extract (30% AKBA), delivering a powerful blend to combat joint discomfort. The inclusion of 3X EPA (Triple Strength) Fish Oil Omega-3 fatty acids provides an exceptional 300% of the EPA found in regular fish oil, offering targeted joint support that goes above and beyond.

Triple Calcium
Our advanced Multi-source Calcium with 3X action, a clinically developed matrix that combines Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM), Calcium Bis-glycinate, and Di-Calcium Phosphate. In initial trials, this unique blend demonstrated up to 42% more bioavailability compared to traditional sources. This innovation ensures optimal absorption, making it a superior choice for those seeking effective calcium supplementation.
Engineered for performance with US Patent #10842178, KETOFUEL MCTs reduce cellular inflammation and stimulate fat burning, enhancing energy by minimizing lactate buildup during workouts. This premium MCT Coffee blends Medium Roast Arabica from Chikmagalur, Coconut oil, and MCT oils, offering a delectable taste akin to premium coffee while fueling you throughout the day.
Drinking Chocolate crafted with a thoughtful blend of MCTs and Coconut Oil, it aligns seamlessly with these dietary approaches, providing a delightful treat while maintaining nutritional goals. This unique blend is not only a delicious beverage but also a source of natural antioxidants, including polyphenols and theobromine. Savor the rich flavors while supporting your chosen dietary lifestyle with a beverage that combines taste and nutritional benefits.
Packed with the goodness of fats sourced from MCTs and Coconuts, this beverage is a rich and satisfying addition to your keto lifestyle. Beyond its indulgent flavor, it contains essential polyphenols such as trigonelline, choline, and chlorogenic acids, contributing not only to taste but also to mental alertness and cognition.
This precise blend features MCT Oil and Coconut Oil, providing a source of high-quality fats to fuel your low-carb lifestyle.  Can be used as an instant energy boost to any food you consume. As a non-dairy creamer in your coffee & tea, in desserts, bakes and shakes. Basically, non-dairy milk!

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