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Hazards Of Glucose Consumption With Creatine

Glucose has been long used in conjugation with creatine to boost creatine uptake, but is it necessary at all?

There are plenty of creatine supplements available in the market as a practice it is consumed with 75 gms of glucose/dextrose But what's the impact of glucose consumption with creatine?

Glucose being a simple sugar tends to increase the adipose tissue (Body fat) if underutilized.

ALA(alpha lipoic acid) rose to its popularity in the recent years and it has known to:

  • Mimick insulin
  • Lowers bood sugar levels
  • Increase Glut-4 transporters on the outside of muscle cells which means more glucose shuttled into the muscle cells and is not directed towards fat conversion

Post exercise the insulin levels are already high and supplementing it with ALA further helps in efficient uptake of creatine into the muscle cells while promoting the efficient utilisation of glucose as well.


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