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5 reasons to try the Protein+Fat diet today!

A Combination of high-quality nutrients in right proportion is required to achieve and maintain health goals. It is important that these nutrients are synergistic and help to meet your nutritional needs.

Fat, the Villain

For a long time, complete importance has been given to 2 macronutrients – Carbohydrates and Proteins. Carbohydrates, predominantly being considered as the source of energy, has been a mandatory part of athlete’s dietary protocols. Meanwhile Fat has been made the villain, it is not!

What Is Carb Dominance And Its Role In Muscle Building?

The consumption of Proteins + carbohydrates is commonly practiced, especially by strength athletes for the following reasons -

  • Meets the energy requirements

  • Replenishes lost glycogen stores

  • Facilitates the entry of amino acids into the muscle cells by spiking insulin

  • Increases absorption of nutrients

On the other hand, fat is thought to be responsible for -

  • Slow-down of gastric emptying

  • Slow-down of the glycogen synthesis process

  • Blunting the insulin spike of a meal

  • Slowing muscle protein synthesis and recovery

  • Increasing the adipose tissue causing obesity

However, all the above notions about FAT are MYTHS. The truth is having high fat along with low carb, moderate protein diet, will never get stored as adipose tissue (Fat cells). This type of diet popularly known as the ketogenic diet has a host of benefits which are attributed to the production of ketones as the source of energy.

❝ Surplus Carbohydrates get converted to triglycerides, gets stored in the adipose tissue and increase body fat % and this kind of diet is your first step towards metabolic disorders ! ❞

The Hazards Of Consuming Meals Comprising Of 60-80% Of Carbohydrates

Even though, carbs do perform the above stated functions, the surplus gets converted to triglycerides and gets stored in the adipose tissue (Fat cells), thus increases the body fat % and further lowers the metabolic rate.
This kind of diet is your first step towards metabolic disorders!

What Is The Right Way To Eat?

One can achieve the necessary bodily functions to gain muscles by eliminating carbohydrates and by adding the 2 Macronutrients – Proteins and Fats.
Here’s how… Fat is the dense source of energy and contributes 9 Kcal per gram. It is made up of 3 fatty acids and 1 Glycerol.
Fat is having the ability to produce Ketones by metabolizing the fatty acids. These ketones produce energy on which the body can function at optimal levels. The Glycerol component of a Triglyceride gets converted to glucose via Gluconeogenesis (formation of glucose from non-carbohydrate source). Thus, in absence of Carbohydrates, the Fat and/or Proteins can convert to glucose which eventually is stored as glycogen.
Post exercise, the insulin levels are usually elevated. This facilitates the uptake of amino acids into the muscle cells and carbohydrates are not necessary here to spike the insulin levels. Amino acids when supplemented via whey proteins and when combined with an excellent quality fat such as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) and coconut oil, optimizes the complete micronutrient requirement.
Whey protein specially isolates when clubbed with fat does not slow down the nutrient absorption. MCTs have an ability to digest and metabolize quickly to give energy, thus spares protein for muscle anabolism. MCTs are the most optimum source of energy and they fuel the brain.

The Numerous Benefits Of The Protein-Fat Combination 

  • Less Glycation end products (when combined with elimination of carb from diet) and thus less chances of inflammation. This also slows down aging
  • More energy attributed to ketone production
  • Ketones fuel the brain and improve mental clarity
  • Pathogenic bacteria thrive on sugars. High fat and moderate protein changes gut microflora and improves digestive health
  • Fat and proteins do not induce cravings unlike carbs
  • Fat and protein combination do not cause yo-yo in blood sugars, thus giving sustained energy levels. Also, no incidence of brain fog that is seen with high carb diet
  • Fat spares the protein and improves muscle mass and strength. Carbohydrates in excess always get converted to body fat and slow down the metabolism.

❝ The truth is having high fat along with low carb, moderate protein diet, will never get stored as adipose tissue (Fat cells). One can achieve all the necessary bodily functions by eliminating carbohydrates and by adding the 2 Macronutrients – Proteins and Fats. ❞

We Say

Understanding the science behind protein-fat combination and how it works is the first step towards normalization of your body which has remained disrupted by carbs, for decades. Also, the enhancement in mental focus and clarity that comes along is worth an edge over competition.


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