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Un-Complicating Health

Every new category opens up an ecosystem around it. Starts with buzz, followed by first-mover, then Follower, Cost leader, Disruptor and so on.

Then come the innovators who invent micro-categories around the main category to solve un-thought-of problems.

The health and wellness industry is no different.

- 1999 India’s largest modern Gym- EXERT at Worli, Mumbai measuring > 10,000 sqft!
- 2000- Sports nutrition enters India
- 2001- Personal training becomes a ‘thing’ with the Talwalkar REPS program
- 2005 India’s first Female fitness athletes are seen
- 2008 first sports nutrition specialty superstore Neulife Nutrition in Mumbai followed by another 64 stores over the next 6 years across 40 cities
- 2012 India’s first funded nutraceutical player disrupts with their e-commerce model

And so the journey progressed. Today dietary supplements is a $3.0 billion market growing in double digits. Lots of players want a piece of the pie and we’ve seen some large M&A activity in recent times.

But sometimes innovation comes at a cost. In this case, the cost of authenticity.

I’m a firm advocate and practitioner in METABOLIC FITNESS and that’s precisely what we’re trying to achieve at the Neulife Nutrition R&D center through our suite of full-stack metabolic nutrition solutions.

Years of study have taught me that METABOLIC FITNESS is the key to LONGEVITY and Peak Performance.

And here are the First Principles to achieve metabolic fitness (see graphic)

- Avoidance of carbohydrates and sugars. They’re the primary source of cellular inflammation.
- Fast for 16-20 hours a day to get rid of toxic waste through a cellular process called autophagy.
- Inclusion of healthy Fats (preferably saturated). I know this is controversial so I’ll leave that for a separate post.
- Equal parts of Protein and Fats (in grams) on a daily basis. Protein will be your tissue builder while Fat will be your energy provider. No carbs needed.
- Inclusion of pesticide-free vegetables
- Top it up with micronutrient supplements if you’re seeking peak performance.
- And of course exercise 3-4 times per week and 6-8 hours sleep a day.

You don’t need to get your sh** tested for studying the microbiome in your gut, nor do you need to conduct another 40 blood work tests to come up with a ‘customized’ diet and supplement plan for LONGEVITY.
These are unnecessary innovations for addressing non-existent problems.

Your gut bacteria as well as your lipids, hormones and CBCs will vary slightly day to day, and treating your body like a science fiction project is completely unnecessary.

If you take care of the First Principles of metabolic fitness, you DO NOT need complicated Blood and Gut tests to figure customized solutions.

The Hunter-gatherer kept it simple for over 2 million years. Why can’t we?


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