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The Calorie Deficit Myth

A calorie is a calorie, goes the old adage.

Millions of weight loss seekers take up the classic Calorie Deficit diet to lose weight everyday. This model works on the simple premise that if Calories expended > Calorie intake (deficit), then weight loss will occur.

📉But how is this DEFICIT fueled? To understand this, we need to understand the fundamentals of nutrient partitioning and energy metabolism⚡️

🥐🍠🌽The classic 60/30/10 Carbs/Protein/Fat diet model (or any model in which carbs are the primary macronutrient) works on the principle that Glucose is the body’s primary energy source. This is because Glucose is very efficient at both aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

In brief, 🏃Aerobic = low intensity activities, and 🏋️‍♀️Anaerobic = high intensity activities.

DURING Calorie Deficit, the body’s Glycogen (stored glucose) levels are depleted, thus sending the body on a QUEST to find MORE GLUCOSE to fund its energy needs.

🤯This GLUCOSE DIP consequently elevates hunger pangs, energy crashes and mood swings. Net result- over 85% of calorie deficit proponents don’t stick to the diet beyond the first 3 months.

Muscle tissue is made up of proteins, which are in turn made up of chains of amino acids. These amino acids can be cleaved off from muscle and converted to Glucose in the liver through a process called Glucogenesis. This is how the basic energy provisioning cycle works in CARBOTARIANS (carb-eating populace).

📊NET EFFECT- Weight loss does happen but at the expense of MUSCLE LOSS. Also since muscles are over 70% water by weight, the weighing scale shows exaggerated reduction in kilos through water loss.

📎NOTE- A little bit of Fat loss may also occur concurrently through the release of Fatty Acids from STORED BODY FAT. But the primary energy source still remains Glucose.

🎯THE FIX: What if you could exclusively target your FAT STORES (adipose tissue) for energy! Wouldn’t that be FATLOSS Nirvana😎.
Yes it’s possible if you shift your body’s primary energy fuel to KETONES instead of Glucose. It’s superior and more potent than Glucose at all aerobic activities, especially BRAIN FUNCTION.

🏋️‍♀️THE HACK: Eliminate Carbs from your diet (except for vegetables) and replace them with Good Fats🥛🥓🥩

💯The BEST GOOD FATS- Ghee, Butter, Coconut Oil, MCTs, Dairy products, Whole Eggs, Animal meats (if you’re a non-vegetarian), avocados, olives, nuts 🍳🫒🧀🥑🥥

Go for a 1:1 of Protein to Fat (in grams). This type of eating protocol is also called the FATTY-PROTEIN Diet, or as we call it at Neulife Nutrition- the NORMAL HUMAN DIET. You can find more blogs on this topic on our website www.neulife.com/blogs 📑

🧌It’s the kind of eating pattern, our Hunter-gatherer ancestors evolved on. And we all know how it turned out for them💯


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