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Pro Standard Whey





“They use a unique form of U.S patented MCTs which makes ton of difference when compared to ordinary MCT oil products on the market. For me and my students, KETOWHEY® is the only way.”

Nikita Garg (Lecturer & Coach, Advance Human Physiology)

“I’ve been a Fatty- Protein diet advocate for the past 4 years. For me, KETOWHEY® has been a staple through this transformation journey. I would never consume a stand-alone protein again.”

Maulika Sharma (MMA Athlete/Fitness Coach)

“As a Nutrition Coach, I recognize the benefits of combining PROTEIN with FAT in every meal. It leads to better gut health, better protein absorption and most importantly, better muscle gain if you’re into weight training. KETOWHEY® has been my go-to Protein since 2020!”

Deepa Vaswani (Nutritionist / Fitness Coach)

“I lift heavy and slog it out in the gym 2-3 hours each day.I need Protein; I need Fat; and I need them together. That’s why I choose KETOWHEY®. Tastes like heaven.”

Parul Sardesai (Fitness Coach)

Pro-Standard Whey

"The first Leucine-fortified whey on the market. Leucine is your Go-To supplement if you’re looking to take your protein game to the next level."

Hannah Kathrein (CrossFit Athlete/Coach)

"The only brand I could find who’s ‘Grass-fed Whey’claims are certified by the international manufacturer."

Vikram Sahai (CrossFit Master Trainer)

"Neulife has cracked the code on whey protein with their Pro-Standard Whey."

Rahul Kharge (Fitness Model/Athlete)

"Their Proteozyme /Papain/Lactase
enzymes definitely make all the
difference. Two thumbs up



Ketofuel is one of the most well researched Indian brand with advanced technology in this health market. Intense workouts demand quality fuel. Ketofuel is a great addition to my coffee and whey protein helping me keep my fat intake high. A must while one is following a high in dietary fat lifestyle.

Meenal Sharma


Neulife's Megacurc has been my
go-to product for years and I
recommend it to my patients
who suffer from arthritis,
degeneration, or joint pain.
It helped them reduce pain and
inflammation in the long run.
Highly recommend.

Hemakshi Basu(Physiotherapist)

If you’re an athlete just like me
and seeking relief from joint
comfort, you’ve come to the
right place. Neulife Megacurc
contains Nano-curcumin,
Boswellia extract, and Triple
Strength Fish oil, which I found
to be more beneficial than
other supplements that contain
Glucosamine & Chondroitin.

Chinmay Sutar(Cricketer)Emerging Asia cup 2019, India

The only thing that has hindered
my progress as a fitness coach
is muscle pain and joint
inflammation. Until I found
Neulife's Megacurc. Curcumin
combined with Boswellia and
Fish oil works like a charm.

Coach Anand(Coach & Crossfit Athlete)