Our Ambassadors

From Elite athletes, and professional Sportsmen to Fitness Fanatics, we love the community that trusts in the goodness that Neulife product adds to their athletic journey.

Meharr Malhotra

(Pilot & Fitness Enthusiast)

Love this low-calorie, rich cacao with the perfect blend of MCTs for saving the day. This blend of perfectly creamy, rich and smooth hot chocolate keeps me energized throughout the day.

Coach Anand

(Coach & Crossfit Athlete)

The only thing that has hindered my progress as a fitness coach is muscle pain and joint inflammation. Until I found Neulife's Megacurc. Curcumin combined with Boswellia and Fish oil works like a charm.


The first Leucine-fortified whey on the market. Leucine is your Go-To supplement if you’re looking to take your protein game to the next level.


Their Proteozyme /Papain/Lactase enzymes definitely make all the difference. Two thumbs up

Chinmay Sutar

(Cricketer) Emerging Asia cup 2019, India

If you’re an athlete just like me and seeking relief from joint comfort, you’ve come to the right place. Neulife Megacurc contains Nano-curcumin, Boswellia extract, and Triple Strength Fish oil, which I found to be more beneficial than other supplements that contain Glucosamine & Chondroitin.

Rahul kharge

Neulife has cracked the code on whey protein with their Pro-Standard Whey.

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