A Yogurt per day could keep diabetes away

by Meenal Sharma & Priyanka Joshi | May 26, 2017 Views :

New research published in Journal of BMC Medicine suggests that one serving of yogurt (dahi) per day can have significant benefit in reducing the risk of diabetes by 18%

A meta-analysis of 3 large-scale studies on Health Professionals with 41,497 people, 67,138 people and 85,884 people showed that-

• Out of all the dairy products consumed, Yogurt is the most beneficial
• Yogurt reduced diabetes risk by 18%
• Yogurt helped maintain a healthy body weight

Yogurt has Probiotic “good” Bacteria which works by

• Altering intestinal environment
• Reducing inflammation
• Improving appetite control hormones
• Protecting against free radicals
• Improving glucose tolerance

We say - Adding the beneficial bacteria via yogurt along with moderate exercise and health diet could be the key to avoid and manage lifestyle related disorders.

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