The Nutrients – Anxiety Relationship

Anxiety when combined with depression, fatigue or any other symptom may be caused by poor nutritional status. Being deficient in certain nutrients can cause or worsen anxiety and getting more of the right nutrients can increase your ability to manage it. Make sure you're getting enough of these nutrients.

Exercise Exercise INTENSITY


Muscles have a neural reflex arc that prevents excessive tension developing on the muscle. Sensory receptors within the muscle are sensitive to changes in the length and tension on the muscle.

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If you are a person who works out regularly or are a professional athlete, bodybuilder, one amino acid that is always suggested to be included in your supplement stack is Glutamine.



Oral Microflora helps Lower Blood Pressure

The environment present in the human mouth allows the growth of certain microorganisms.These oral florae have been related to lowering the Blood Pressure.

Cocoa’s Memory Boosting Benefits

The main type of flavonoids present in cacao beans are flavanols. Cocoa flavanols are the beneficial phytonutrients naturally found in cocoa. Flavanols have many health benefits like help lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, prevent blood clots and fight cell damage

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Red Yeast Rice, a good alternative to Statins

is a traditional Chinese culinary which is prepared by culturing rice with various strains of the yeast Monascus purpureus.

Competing Consecutive Days In A Row? Try Caffeine

One such study investigated the effect of caffeine consumption on performance outcome assessed for 2 days in a row.