Making our Cultural Diets work.

We Indians love our FOOD! We have delicious, tasty food and we have bulging waistlines and glorious paunches. One of the reasons why we have slipped into this dungeon of flabbiness is that our traditional dietary practices do not fulfill the requirements of achieving a lean, athletic frame..

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Supplementation Supplementation CoQ10 – A Supplement Devoted to the Heart

War of the Isolates

Three premium Whey Isolate protein powders are fighting to prove their mettle- 100% WHEY ISOLATE v2.0, ISO100 and ISOPURE.



Higher intake of polyphenols leads to better heart health: A Harvard study with 43,880 men

Polyphenols are widely distributed in plant foods, and have been linked to improved human health through reduced risk of chronic diseases. A recent study has reported that increased consumption...

Low Carb-High Protein Diets do not increase bone loss.

A three-month study conducted by rheumatologists from University of South Florida disproves association of increased bone mass loss with a Low Carb-High Protein Diet.

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Creatine supplementation improves blood glucose control

Diabetes mellitus is emerging as a Public Health priority challenge involving a group of varied metabolic disorders that has in common hyperglycemia resulted from defects in insulin action....

Leucine enriched amino acids reduce inflammation in muscle and enhance recovery post-eccentric exercise

Leucine and its favorable effect on muscle protein synthesis is well- established. According to recent study published in Amino Acids journal, a leucine fortified amino acid mix can be effective....