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ISO-100 is consists of hydrolyzed 100% whey protein isolate, free of gluten and lactose, with less than one gram each of sugar and fat per serving for faster absorption to help readily initiate protein synthesis.

  • Provides 25g of 100% pure whey isolate that has been hydrolyzed for faster digestion and absorption.
  • Delivers speedy amino acid replenishment
  • Contains 5.5g of BCAA along with 2.7 g of Leucine to kick start muscle protein synthesis
  • Less than 1g of sugar and fat makes it a pure highly bioavailable isolate product.
  • Free of banned substances
  • Informed Choice® Trusted by Sport certified for over two decades
  • Delightfully delicious taste
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  • Hydrolyzed Whey is a very fast acting pre-digested form of whey isolates which helps to meet the immediate requirement of amino acids post workout for a speedy recovery.
  • Protein Requirement for a sedentary individual is 0.8-1g/kg body weight. However for an exercising individual the requirement increases up to 1.5-2g/kg body weight depending on activity levels.
  • Therefore, depending on your daily protein requirement and intake through diet, you can increase the number of servings to be taken throughout the day. For e.g.: if you have 120g as your daily protein requirement and you are able to consume 60g of protein through your diet, then the rest of the protein deficit can be fulfilled by consuming 2-3 servings of protein supplement.
  • Add one heaping scoop to 12 ounces or 350ml of water, juice or milk. Mix for 15 seconds or until completely dispersed. For maximum results, take 2-3 servings daily.
  1. What is Hydrolyzed whey?
  • These are proteins that have been partially broken down (pre-digested) into smaller chains of amino acids so that they get into your system faster.
  • Derived from whey protein isolates (WPI), hence have zero fat and lactose.
  1. How is Hydrolyzed whey made?
  • Whey protein isolate is partially broken down into smaller chains (dipeptides and tripeptides) of amino acids to give you Hydrolyzed whey protein.
  1. When should I take Hydrolyzed whey?
  • Post workout (within 20minutes of w/o)
  • Pre workout (10-20 minutes before workout)
  • First thing in the morning to stop the catabolism.
  1. How many scoops of Hydrolyzed whey should I take?
  • The required number of scoops will vary depending on your protein requirement.
  • For e.g.: if protein requirement is 160gms and you are a pure veg then you can even meet your 100% requirement through whey protein which will be about to 6scoops a day.
  • However, we suggest you to keep Hydrolyzed whey only Pre and post w/o. For rest of the day you can opt for Whey protein concentrate based product or Multi-blend to meet your protein requirement.
  1. Can I take it bedtime?

  • Hydrolyzed whey is a very fast acting protein. For bedtime you require slow sustained release protein. Hence Casein will be an ideal bedtime choice of protein.
  1. Is Hydrolyzed whey purest of all proteins?
  • It is derived from Whey protein Isolates (WPI) by pre-digesting it into smaller chains.
  1. I am at advanced level of exercise should I start consuming Hydrolyzed whey?
  • There are no protein powders which depend on exercise intensity.
  • A beginner can also consume Hydrolyzed whey and so can a advanced level.
  1. Can Hydrolyzed whey be taken in ketogenic/fat loss diet?

  • Depending on the carbohydrate content in the product Hydrolyzed whey can be taken in ketogenic or Fat loss diet as stand-alone protein supplement.
  1. Can it be taken by people with lactose intolerance or lactose sensitive?

  • Hydrolyzed whey is derived by pre-digesting WPI which is completely lactose free.
  1. What is meant by pre-digested protein?
  • Pre-digested means the protein chains are further broken down into smaller chains (Max. Dipeptide and tripeptides) for faster absorption.
  1. What is Dymatize Iso 100 Product?
  • The super-fast acting whey proteins isolate which has been further hydrolyzed to easily digestible form for quicker absorption to readily initiate protein synthesis.
  • Contains 5.5g of BCAA along with 2.7 g of Leucine to kick start muscle protein synthesis
  • The whey protein derived is by Cross Flow Micro Filtration method to preserve important whey protein fractions including lactoferrin and immunoglobins to support immunity.
  • Less than 1g of sugar and fat makes it a pure highly bioavailable hydrolyzed protein product.

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