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COR-Performance™ Whey was created with one goal in mind—to deliver a pure protein that packs more protein, minimal carbs/fat and better flavours. At 25g, COR-Performance™ Whey delivers MORE PROTEIN PER SCOOP.
  • COR-Performance™ Whey contains a fast digesting Whey Protein Isolate based matrix that packs 25g of protein per serving to satisfy protein needs at any time of day.
  • Each serving provides 5.5g of naturally occurring BCAAs to support optimum muscle recovery and muscle growth.
  • When you want benefits of lean protein with minimal carbs and fats, COR-Performance™ Whey is second to none.
  • The high quality protein formula is further enhanced with digestive enzymes for improved digestibility.
  • Best- in- class flavours obtained through most advanced flavour systems that deliver imaginative, delicious protein flavours that you will crave.
  • COR-Performance™ is as versatile as it is delicious, making it the perfect ingredient for protein packed recipes.
  • With perfect mixability, COR-Performance™ lets you get creative with how you devour protein.
  • Protein requirement for a sedentary individual is 0.8-1g/kg body weight. However for an exercising individual the requirement increases upto 1.5-2g/kg body weight depending on activity levels.
  • Therefore, depending on your daily protein requirement and intake through diet, you can increase the number of servings to be taken throughout the day.
  • For e.g.: if you have 120g as your daily protein requirement and you are able to consume 60g of protein through your diet, then the rest of the protein deficit can be fulfilled by consuming 2-3 servings of protein supplement.
  • COR-Performance Whey has superior mixabiity and can be easily blended in a shaker cup.
  • Use about 5-6 oz. (150-180ml) of water per one scoop of protein. Upto 2 scoops of COR-Performance Whey can easily be mixed in 6-12oz. (180-360ml) of water. 
  • You can increase or decrease the quantity of water based on how thick or thin you want your protein shake to be.
  • For a better protein shake use room temperature water. The colder the water, the more the protein coagulates and makes a thicker shake.
  • To avoid powder getting stuck to the shaker, add water first and then add protein to water.
  • Shake vigorously for 30 secs for smoothest consistency.
Q.1 What is COR-Performance™ Whey?
  • COR-Performance™ Whey contains 25g of protein per serving with fast digesting Whey Protein Isolate as primary protein source, to help maintain and build lean muscle and satisfy protein needs at any time of day.
  • The high quality protein formula contains minimal carbs and fat and is further enhanced with digestive enzymes to support easy digestibility.
Q.2 What are Whey Protein Isolates?
  • Whey Protein Isolate has a higher percentage of proteins which rounds to almost 80-90%. Higher concentration of protein is the result of the processing it undergoes i.e. either Cross flow Micro-filtration and Ion- Exchange. These processes help to separate protein from lactose, fats, ash and minerals. Of both these processes, Cross flow Micro-filtration is superior filtration process as compared to Ion Exchange as it keeps the whey microfractions intact.  
  • Whey Isolate has minimum amount of lactose, fats, ash and minerals in comparison to Whey Protein Concentrates.
  • Whey Protein Isolate is a fast –acting protein and the body digests it within 30 minutes of consumption. This property to digest fast helps to repair damaged muscle tissue and aids in faster recovery.
  • As Whey Isolates have much lower amount of lactose than Whey concentrates, it becomes a great choice for lactose sensitive individuals.
Q.3 What is Whey Protein Concentrate?
  • Whey protein concentrate is one of the most popular and cost-effective forms of whey protein.
  • It has between 34% and 80% protein depending upon the extent of filtration and end use.
  • As protein percentage increases, the lactose percentage proportionately decreases.
Q.4 Is COR-Performance™ Whey good in taste?
  • Yes. COR-Performance™ Whey is designed by Cellucor’s team of flavour experts to deliver best- tasting protein. 
  • COR-Performance™ Whey is available in dessert inspired flavours making it a versatile protein that can be used to make tasty protein shake or can also be used as an ingredient in high protein recipes.    
Q.5 How is COR-Performance™ Whey different from other whey blend products?
  • COR-Performance™ Whey is a whey blend with Whey Isolate as the primary source of protein.
  • The formula is low in carbohydrates and fat with just 1 gm of sugar and provides 25g of Whey protein per scoop.
  • It can be used post- workout for muscle recovery as well as can be taken in between or with meals to meet daily protein requirement. 
Q.6 Is COR-Performance™ Whey suitable for consumption by vegetarians?
  • Yes. It is derived from milk.
Q.7 Is the product easy to digest?
  • Yes.
Q.8 What is the ideal time to consume COR-Performance™ Whey?
  • The ideal times to consume COR-Performance™ Whey are first thing in the morning and post-workout, so as to stop catabolism (breakdown of muscle) and kick start anabolism (muscle synthesis).
  • Apart from this COR-Performance™ Whey can also be consumed with/in-between meals to meet up daily protein requirement.
Q.9 Since COR-Performance™ Whey is a protein derived from milk, why can’t we simply drink milk?

Here’s the quantity of different protein foods you will have to eat to get same amount protein from one scoop of COR-Performance™ Whey (25 grams): 
  • 2 Leg Pieces of Chicken (100gms) or
  • 7 egg whites or
  • 5 glasses of milk (150ml each) or
  • 4 whole eggs or
  • 3 medium sized fish (100gms) or
  • 6 100ml packs of Plain Curd
Q.10 Would having COR-Performance™ Whey cause weight gain?
  • Whey protein helps in muscle gain by repairing the torn muscle tissue and increasing its size (hypertrophy).
  • Thus the weight gain seen will be in form of muscle gain and not fat gain.
  • Increased muscle mass will lead to increase in BMR and therefore increase fat burning as well.
Q.11 Since COR-Performance™ Whey is protein powder do I still need it if I eat chicken, fish on a daily basis?
  • Although protein requirement can be met through whole foods, sports nutrition demands emphasis on certain meals viz. pre-workout/post-workout for optimum muscle gain.
  • Since the body is not equipped to handle whole foods during these crucial periods, whey based protein supplements are an ideal per-workout or post-workout meals.
  • Also, if there is a long gap between waking time and breakfast, then taking whey protein immediately upon rising can help arrest catabolism and kick-start muscle anabolism.
  • It is the protein powder category of supplements that makes sports nutrition possible for the average fitness enthusiast and competitive athlete.
Q.12 Should COR-Performance™ Whey be consumed in milk or water?
  • COR-Performance™ Whey should not be mixed with milk, as there is no point in increasing the lactose load by having in milk.

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