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CELLUCOR- Alpha Amino Gen 4

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Alpha Amino is the ultimate sports drink/BCAA powder product built with a premium formula that supports endurance, hydration and recovery.
  • Alpha Amino is developed with a premium BCAA blend, highlighted by 3X Leucine™, and 14 additional amino acids to support muscular endurance and recovery.
  • Concentrated 3X Leucine™, combines micronized L-Leucine, Leucine Nitrate and Leucine Peptides, to maximize the body's ability to fuel skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown.
  • Alpha Amino is powered by essential nutrients from natural Chia Seed Extract and Raw Coconut Concentrate and HydroMax™—a novel ingredient that has the ability to increase the concentration of fluid in the tissues of the body.
  • Chia Seed extract is made up of eight essential amino acids and a host of minerals and nutrients including omega-3s, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fibre.
  • Alpha Amino has electrolytes and minerals from raw coconut concentrate to help keep you hydrated on the field, in the gym or any time during the day.
  • Alpha Amino is a great-tasting, sugar-free alternative to traditional sports drinks which can be sipped all day, making it suitable for athletes and anyone wanting to stay hydrated.
  • Alpha Amino is a premium sports drink/BCAA formula that contains important amino acids, including BCAAs along with ingredients that promote fluid balance.
  • Alpha Amino helps maintain hydration levels and maximize muscle growth and recovery.
  • Alpha Amino can be taken during workout and after workout or anytime during the day for energy boost and to stay hydrated.
  • Mix one to two scoops of Alpha Amino in at least 8-12 fl. oz. of cold water or other beverage of choice daily.
  • Settling may occur.
Q.1 What is Alpha Amino?
  • Alpha Amino is performance, hydration and recovery sports drink formula.
  • It is built with 14 essential Amino Acids including BCAAs in clinically researched 2:1:1 ratio, along with Alpha Hydration complex which consists of ingredients that promote healthy fluid balance and provide power to perform and fuel to recover.
  • The Alpha-BCAA Matrix features the proprietary 3X Leucine™ Matrix consisting of highly bioavailable Leucine Nitrate, instantized L-Leucine and Leucine Peptides to enhance the body's ability for muscle synthesis.
Q.2 What are BCAAs?
  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are obtained from proteins found in diet especially in meat, dairy products, and legumes. These cannot be produced by the body. 
  • They comprise of amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine and are essential for the muscle synthesis, maintenance and repair. 
  • BCAAs are metabolized directly in the muscle and not in the liver.
  • When protein is broken down into individual amino acids, the BCAA can either be used to build new proteins or burned as fuel to produce energy.
  • Of the 3 BCAAs, Leucine is the one which triggers the activation of mTor pathway essential for building muscle.
Q.3 How is Alpha Amino different from other sports drink formulas?
  • Traditional sports drink formula consists of electrolytes added to simple sugar solution to help maintain fluid balance.
  • Alpha Amino is a unique sports drink/BCAA formula containing ingredients that promote fluid balance along with essential amino acids like BCAA to provide energy during training as well as support recovery post- training.
  • Alpha Amino is a zero sugar formula that can serve as an alternative to traditional sports drinks and is ideal for individuals on low-carb or keto diet.
Q.4 What is the ideal time to consume Alpha Amino?
  • The ideal time to Alpha Amino would be during workout and post-workout.
  • Additional serving can be consumed any time during the day for energy boost and to maintain hydration levels.
Q.5 Is Alpha Amino Stimulant free?
  • Yes, it is completely stimulant free.
Q.6 Are there any side-effects of Alpha Amino?
  • No. It is a simple sports drink recovery formula with essential amino acids.
  • However, do check other ingredients mentioned on the label to rule out any ingredient which you may be allergic to.
Q.7 Can Alpha Amino be consumed by vegetarians?
  • Yes.
Q.8 Can Alpha Amino be consumed intra-workout?
  • Yes. Alpha Amino can be sipped as an intra-workout drink.
Q.9 Can Alpha Amino be added to a protein shake?
  • Yes.
  • If you can stand the clashing of the taste then you can add Alpha Amino to your protein shake.
  • Or go for protein with Vanilla based flavours.
Q.10 Can Alpha Amino be taken along with the Full-Spectrum or Essential Amino Acid supplements?
  • Yes. However its formula does provide essential amino acids.
  • Therefore, Alpha Amino can be taken during and post-workout and Essential Amino Acid or Full spectrum Amino acid product can be take post- meals for anabolic boosts.
Q.11 For muscle gain is BCAA supplementation important or Whey is enough?
  • Whey Protein is sufficient for muscle gain.
  • However protein synthesis, which is the scientific term for muscle gain, is directly linked to BCAA.
  • The amino acid Leucine is known to trigger the process of protein synthesis.
  • Hence supplementing with BCAA can enhance muscle gain and also serve as a great source of energy.

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