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NCNR is Neucorp's academic epicenter of knowledge and research. NCNR is tasked with the responsibility of augmenting Neucorp's knowledge banks with cutting edge intellectual capital and communicating it to the world at large, in the simplest and most effective way possible. NCNR comprises of a team of super-specialized nutrition scientists and researchers who work tirelessly on several aspects of performance nutrition, some of which are highlighted below.


There is a high Prevalence of lifestyle related diseases in India – with one of the major causes being poor dietary habits. We always hear that India is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world, the information below will show you exactly where we stand. And more importantly, where we are heading.

a) Diabetes: India is listed as the 2nd country in the world with highest number of diabetics

b) Heart Disease: Grim statistics of prevalence of Heart Disease in India

  • 45 million people across India suffer from coronary heart disease
  • Heart diseases are expected to be the cause of 40% deaths in the country by 2030
  • 6,300 Indians are diagnosed with heart disease every day with at least 40% under the age of 40
  • 900 people under 30 die due to heart disease in India every day
  • 4 people die of heart attack every minute in India and the age group is mainly between 30 and 50

c) Obesity: India has a 33% rise in obesity since 1980

A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013' - used data collected by international bodies and organisations in various countries like India over three decades.

The US topped the list with 13 per cent of the obese people worldwide in 2013, while China and India together accounted for 15 per cent of the world's obese population, with 46 million and 30 million obese people, respectively.

According to the study, number of overweight and obese people globally increased from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013. This is one-third of the world's population.

‘Global, regional, and national prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adults during 1980-2013: A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013'- The Lancet


a) What we stand for:

NCNR believes that Nutrition education can immensely help increase the health of the nation through promoting better nutrition and encouraging physical activity.

Educating about healthy eating is the need of the hour and an answer to our nation's growing epidemic of overweight, sedentary, and undernourished adults, children and adolescents with lifestyle diseases.

b) Fitness is getting mainstream:

The good news is that Fitness is getting mainstream- which is a very promising scenario that India is open to change. It is ready to take control of their Nutrition and activity levels and challenge the conventional eating habits and lifestyles.

c) NCNR- Our core mandate is Education:

NCNR’s true and core mandate is Education – We talk Only Sense. Only Science. We are here to clear myths. To give practical advice on making the right lifestyle and dietary changes. We help you see the true science behind a particular ingredient, the true facts behind a famous diet. We dig out the latest breakthrough in research and simplify it so that you can use factual tips in your daily lives. We dissect supplements, get you to see the true function and also how you can use a supplement to its maximum advantage and get the most value for your money.

NCNR is here to guide you in every way, through every channel, in the best approach to attaining your fitness goals. So, read our blogs, write to us, call us. Reach out, and the NCNR nutritionists will be your personal guide in helping you alter your body composition and enhance your health.


NCNR develops several cutting-edge, safe and effective Nutritional Supplements for captive as well as third-party consumption, using innovative and efficacious ingredients backed by sound, scientific research through the initial NPD phases, namely Concept, Pre-formulations and Formulations. The end result is nothing short of disruptive, market leading products.

Highly trained nutritionists, fitness experts, sports nutritionists, food scientists researchers, clinical nutritionists, food technologists are among the few who fuel the NCNR’s drive for product development. NCNR works in close collaboration with many external stakeholders, as well as with eminent development and technology centres, to make truly effective, safe and highly researched quality products come to life through science and innovation.