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Elite Athlete Bundle - Pack of 3 (Pro-Hydro 2kg (Coffee), Beta Leucine 400g (Lemon-Lime), Vaso X 300g (Lemon Ice Tea))

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  • Modeled on the native structure of mothers milk. 80:20 ratio of Hydrolyzed Whey: Hydrolyzed Casein. Highest degree of hydrolysis > 15%.
  • Formulated with only 100% Hydrolyzed proteins. No hidden concentrates or isolates.
  • 100% Native Micellar Casein used. No cheese residues or hormones such as those found in regular micellar casein. Ideal for athletes looking for a functional protein solution, which can be used either post-workout or any time of the day or night.
  • Custom-designed advanced BCAA fuel for Ketogenic Athletes and Elite athletes. Over 13g of actives per serving in a first-of-its-kind NON-GLUCONEOGENIC formula. Includes L-Leucine, Beta-alanine, Coconut Powder, Electrolytes & Hydration Salts. Complete intra-training solution
  • 7g of L-Leucine to ignite protein synthesis and 3.0g Beta-alanine per serving to buffer lactic acid and improve muscle-pH. Does not contain the Gluconeogenic BCAAs: Iso-Leucine and Valine. Sweetened with Stevia.
  • Clean-source, Vegan & Fermented Amino Acids. Guaranteed heavy-metal free through 3rd party testing. No artificial Colors or Flavors.
  • High strength vasodilation complex to boost whole-body Nitric Oxide production. A highly effective Fast-Medium-Slow approach to Nitric Oxide production leading to increased N.O levels over several hours
  • Formulated with Fermented Citrulline, Fermented L-Arginine-HCL and Oxystorm® in supraphysical dosages to maximize the nitric oxide produced within the body.
  • Improves blood flow and muscle pumps. Also, improves nutrient transport and oxygenation.
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Athlete - Bounce back from a rough workout with Athlete Bundle curated to improve energy, active performance, and recovery.


  • PROCEL PRO-HYDRO® Hydrolyzed Whey w/Hydrolyzed Micellar Casein 2kg Coffee
  • PROCEL BETA-LEUCINE Keto BCAA with 4X Leucine 400g Lemon-Lime
  • PROCEL VASO-X Advanced Nitric Oxide Booster 300g 33 servings Lemon Ice Tea

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